Fuel and a Drunken Spaceman | decision 1.B CYOA


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This happens after a Study in Starlight | the beginning CYOA when you chose:

B: Drag Earlmire back to the airlock so that you both can find fuel for your stranded ship in order to escape whoever is pursuing you?


Earlmire turns to you and winks.  “I love visiting planets when they’re in post-apocalypse phase, the parties are just way more fun.”

You grab his arm.  “Only because the partiers are ready to die.  Are you ready to die, Jack, mentally jacking off in a room of strangers while you run out the game clock?”  You tap on the glass of his visor.

Earlmire rolls his eyes.  “Since I popped outa the womb, my friend.”  Earlmire dives into the crowd of Sardotians.  You reach out and grab him again, but he squirms out of your hold.  He refuses to leave.

After waving Earlmire a rude gesture, you turn around and step back out into the corridor.  You run back toward the airlock.

As you turn a corner you run into a man, knocking him to the metal floor.

“I’m sorry.”  You impulsively say.

The man jumps up from the floor and grabs a hold of your helmet to squint into your visor, then laughs.  “[You are from stranger atmospheres.]”  His Sardotian language is deciphered through your internal translator.  He pulls out an electric baton.  “[You snuck this far deep past the Wall, you naughty insect.  Which are you, refugee or terrorist?  Whichever you decide to be will affect how this goes down.]”

“I’m sorry, I’m just lost.”  You put your hands up in front of you.

“[I can’t understand your filthy language, and you can’t speak mine, so I must assume you’re terrorist.]”

You slowly get on your knees, keeping your hands raised and your eyes on the man’s electric baton.  The man hesitates.

“[Can you understand me?]”


“[If you can understand me, stand up.  Slowly.]”

You stand back up.

“[Recite code clearance.]”  The man waits for you to respond, then electrocutes you through your pressure suit when all you can manage is a shrug.  You black out.

You bang your head against the inside of your visor as you are jostled awake inside the cargo hold of a moving vehicle.  A cord wrapped around your wrists causes your pressure suit to rub uncomfortably against your skin.  You shift yourself so that you’re sitting against one of many canisters accompanying you in the cargo hold.  You squint at the labels in the dim light provided by small windows on the door of the cargo hold, and your eye implants translate their text.

“Fuel!”  You exclaim.

“There you are.  Where the hell did you go?”  Earlmire says in your ear through the comlink.  “That party was way too culty.”

“Jack, I got taken!”

“Where are you now?”

“I don’t know.  I’m tied up, being taken somewhere.  I think I’m in a PlanetHugger.”

“They don’t have those here, you’re probably just in a ground vehicle, like a van.  Probably means they’re shipping you off planet as an alien.  They’ll take you to the border and take you out into space.  They’ll drop you off light years away.  This really boggles things.”

“Help me!  They’ve got fuel here too, exactly what we need!”

“Actually, it would work more efficiently if you would figure out your own escape.  I’ve managed to track down the Sardotian’s Aishoan Ink supplier, so I’m currently unreachable.”  With a click, you can hear the notification that Earlmire has muted the comlink connection.

“Jack, seriously, I need your help.”  Your words meet no response from Earlmire.  Instead, the vehicle stops.  A door opens next to you.  Wind rips into the vehicle.  You can feel it tug your pressure suit.  The man who electrocuted you escorts an old woman in a pressure suit to sit next to you.  The man closes the door.  You feel the vehicle begin moving again.

“[I failed my third try in a stone room.]”  The woman speaks Sardotian perfectly.  You meet her gaze.  Her eyes are red and wet.  “[I’ve been unmasked for three cycles, but even without mianca blindness I couldn’t promote myself.]”  She holds her breath for a moment.  “[I’ll try again once my restricted period is over.]”  She lets out a sigh.  “[Will you?]”

“I’m sorry, I don’t speak Sardotian.”  You say.  The woman looks you up and down, then glues her eyes straight ahead and slightly angles her body away from you.

The vehicle stops after some time and the door opens again.  The sun digs into your pupils, clawing up from the white sand outside the windows of the vehicle.  In the dunes, you can see a SpaceJump with its pilot unloading boxes from its cargo bay.  The pilot sets down the last box she’s unloaded, which looks to be filled with bottles of black liquid.

“[Simera, I got two for deportation.  Let me get them in the system-]”

“[You’re prohibiting me from departing on time.]”  The pilot, Simera, says in Sardotian.  She adjusts her pressure suit, which looks to have been stitched together from multiple suits, flashing a projectile weapon strapped to her thigh.  Silver eyes pierce through her visor from underneath a heavily inked forehead, her tattoos wrinkling as she furrows her brow.

“[Please delay your supply run while I document these two, then prepare two hibernation units.]”  The man bows to Simera.  She closes her eyes.

“[I am still waiting for my pickup from base.  You’re granted time until my pickup shows, then I will wait no longer.]”

A rover bursts over a dune and crashes into the SpaceJump and a few of the crates.  Black liquid gushes over the sand, glass rips through the air, and the crumpled metal of the SpaceJump cockpit nearly careens into Simera.  She jumps out of the way as the rover flips onto its side next to Simera’s now destroyed ship.

Earlmire exits the crashed rover.  He wobbles over the crates, bleeding from under his left eye where his face must have hit his visor during impact.  He notices you.  “Ah good, you made your escape, I’m glad I didn’t have to babysit you!”  Earlmire falls face first into the sand.  Simera steps over to him and rolls him onto his back.  He’s unconscious.

Do you…

D. Run over the dunes in an attempt to escape, leaving Earlmire on his own?

E. Run into the vehicle (that has the canisters of fuel you need) and see if you can steal it before anyone can stop you?

F. Stand your ground and see how Simera responds.

Vote in the comments section!

*(this next note is only for those

who read this before march 23rd)

D used to be A.  E used to be B.

F used to be C.

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