Poison is Chemical Malware | decision 3.a CYOA

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This picks up from the underground levels | decision 2.b CYOA after you chose:

A. …trust Earlmire? Totally!  Say you are willing and remove your pressure suit.


“No, say you are willing,”  Earlmire says in the comlink while spitting to try ridding his mouth of vomit.  “You are willing and take off your pressure suit.”

Devon curls his toes into the grass.  “If you are unwilling, you should have already disappeared.”

You undo the snaps around the neck of your pressure suit and untwist your helmet.  Temporarily blinded, you don’t see Devon lunge for your neck.  The needle slides in below your jaw, dispensing liquid through your veins.

“[I don’t know why you came back.]”  Devon says in Sardotian that is translated through your internal translator.  “No medical level this time.”  Devon slurs in your language.

“What just happened?  Something just happened, did something, hey, did something happen?”  Earlmire says through the comlink.

“He needled me.”

“He needled you?”

“Shit, erm, faint or something.  Pretend to pass out.”


“Who is listening, who are you speaking to?” Devon pats you down for a wire which he won’t find.

Earlmire takes a deep breath, “so I wanted to break this to you in an easier way, actually to be honest I never wanted to actually have to tell you, but you’re tough I’m sure you’ll acclimate.  You’re totally a robot, I mean you’re bioengineered with enhancements so you’re more a cyborg, I created you, and your memories are all uploaded from someone that I work with, used to work with, someone we’re looking for.  Essentially, you are a clone, and I needed a clone of my partner’s brain to solve the case of my missing partner.  I booted you up right before coming to Sardotia.

cyborgBrain.jpgAnyway, whatever this Devon guy needled you with definitely won’t have any effect.  You’re made of biological matter, but your body is super-efficient so poison won’t have any effect on you.”

Devon slams his fist into your face, interrupting Earlmire over the comlink.  “No one is listening.  No one is coming to save you.”

“I don’t need saving.”  You raise your arms, welcoming another hit from Devon.  He backs up.  “I’m immune to your poison.”  You wipe what you assume is synthetic blood dripping down your nose.  It hurts.

You don’t feel like a robot, but you also can’t explain how you got to be inside the hibernation unit on Earlmire’s ship before landing on Sardotia.  You remember the very last case you worked on, going to your own bed on another planet, and waking up after having traveled four years in hibernation against your will or prior knowledge.  You had initially overlooked this fact due to hibernation hangover.

Devon pulls out a knife from behind his back.  “Are you immune to bleeding?”

“Try and kill me, I dare you.”  You say.  If you really are a robot, then you can handle Devon.

“You’re a cyborg, not immortal.  He can still kill you.” Earlmire says through the comlink.  “If you don’t end up getting yourself killed right now, get back to the elevators and find your way to the medical level.”

You hear a click, a noise which notifies you that Earlmire has muted the comlink.

“Jack?”  You call out for Earlmire, but he doesn’t respond.  Devon quickly slashes at you multiple times, pushing you into a pair of bushes twice your size.  His third swing lands into the flesh of your right arm, his knife digging into your bicep.  You grab the back of his neck and manage to land a knee to his groin. Devon yells out.

“[Senior, is everything alright?]”  A guard rushes inside, his boots destroying the grass underfoot.  “[Why is there a knife in this mianca?]”

“[This mianca attacked me, I had to defend myself.]”

“This man is trying to kill me!”

“[We must file a self-defense report then, sir.]”  The guard says to Devon, ignoring you.  You realize this guard can’t understand your language.  His Sardotian language is easily filtered through your internal translator, but your words remain undecipherable to him.

“[Yes, and deport this one immediately.  Simera is still on the surface for a scheduled drop-off, she can take this mianca on when she departs for her next run today.]”

“[This needs to go through the man downstairs, sir.  You’ve wounded a potential citizen.]”

“[A self-defense report will get this mianca flagged, banning the possibility of reapplying for citizenship.  No, I do not wish to punish this mianca for what was surely a moment of desperation.  I will not file a report.  I will deport this mianca after first stopping at the medical bay for the knife wound.  Then I’ll escort this mianca to Simera.]”

“This man is a liar and a killer.”  You say to the guard.

“[This mianca is important to me, I’ll take care of it.]”  Devon rests a hand on the guard’s shoulder and addresses you in your own language.  “I’m going to chop you up.  Your body will never leave this planet.”


Do you…

A. Cling to the guard ­— try and convince him to file a self-defense report.

B. Let Devon escort you through Sardotia’s many levels — possibly through the medical level.

Vote in the comments below!

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