Simera | decision 2.E CYOA

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This picks up from Fuel and a Drunken Spaceman | decision 1.b CYOA after you chose:

E. Run into the vehicle (that has the canisters of fuel you need) and see if you can steal it before anyone can stop you?


Earlmire is unconscious on the ground, vomit leaking out of his open mouth.

“[You,]”  Simera motions to the Sardotian man now bowing at her feet.

“[Call me Officer Aaron, ma’am-]”

“[Pick up the old man.  You’re going to drive us back to base.]”

An alarm slices through the dunes.  Officer Aaron crouches down, subconsciously trying to hide.  He pulls out a pair of binoculars and scans the horizon.

Now is your chance.  You whip around and dash to the vehicle.  You slide into the open door of the driver side.  Even though your hands are tied behind your back, you can still drive with your knees!

Simera yanks you out of the vehicle.  You taste blood in your mouth and your face goes numb from slamming against the edge of your visor.

Officer Aaron yells, “[seven metal birds inbound!]”

A low hum from the distant ships wakes Earlmire.  “Persistence, I’ll give them that.”  Earlmire scowls in the direction of the seven ships now stationary above the dunes in the distance.  “We need to get back inside Sardotia!  [Ah, you must be Simera.]”  Earlmire switches languages, now addressing the pilot standing over you.

“[You know me?]”

“[Only by reputation.  I’m led to believe that you know my colleague.]”

Simera gets close enough to see your face through your visor.  “[It’s you.]”  She clears her throat and then switches from Sardotian to your own language.  “You are supposed to be on the medical level.”  She seems quite practiced in your language.  “You should’ve been taken straight to Devon.”  She pulls out a knife, kneels down to where you’ve fallen, and begins to cut the cord around your wrists.

“Wait, what the hell are you talking about, I don’t know her.”  Simera pulls you to your feet.  “Thank you.”  You mutter.

“We met on Aishoa.”

“Where my colleague here showed a desire to come to Sardotia, correct?  It was Simera that got you in contact with a requisition officer so he could bring you in, initiate you as mianca.”

“Yes, to Devon, that is how we met.”  Simera whips to Officer Aaron, “[Explain to me how you gained custody of this mianca?]”

“[Routine surveillance, Sim-]”

“[Save it for the man downstairs.  I find nothing routine about this.]”

“[I have done nothing wrong.]”  Officer Aaron motions to a badge engraved on the front of his pressure suit.  “[I have been granted-]”

“[You’ve erred in your ways somewhere, Aaron, for why else would you have Devon’s mianca for deportation, why else flag me down without proper documentation only at the same time as a foreigner manages to break through the border and destroy my ship and cargo?]”  Simera steps closer to Officer Aaron with each word, her even tone injecting ice into his veins.

“[I suppose it’s high time I introduce myself.]”  Earlmire pulls his left arm inside his suit so he can wipe the vomit off the bottom half of his visor.  “[I’m Jack Earlmire, here on a case, searching for my missing partner.  I’ve traveled four light years with a cyborg copy of said partner in order-]”

“[Officer Aaron, handcuff this one and place him and the other woman back into the cargo.]”  Simera turns back towards you.  “Devon will be pleased you are no longer ill.”  Simera leads you into the cargo hold of Officer Aaron’s vehicle.  “Get in.”  She orders.

Earlmire allows Officer Aaron to place him in handcuffs and soon the both of you share the cargo hold with the other mianca as Simera drives back to Sardotia.  The mianca woman scoots to the back of the vehicle, humming to herself as she gives you and Earlmire a wide berth.

“She’ll take you straight to Devon, and it sounds like that he may be the would-be murderer we seek.”

“We didn’t come here just for fuel, did we, Jack?”

“Not just for fuel, no.  I’m also trying to solve a case.”

“Then why get drunk at an apocalyptic party?”

“I am, in fact, not intoxicated.  I have retrofitted my body with synthetic organs that refuse to let my body experience the effects of intoxicants for very long.”

Earlmire drops his handcuffs to the ground.  The mianca woman gasps, then starts to yell and kick at the walls, trying to get Simera’s or Officer Aaron’s attention.  Ignoring her, Earlmire pops off his helmet and removes his gloves.  “You must do one of two things for me, and neither are very pleasant.  The first is the path you are on, Simera will take you to this Devon fellow, a known kidnapper even by this planet’s idiotic mianca tradition and a possible murderer, and you’ll have to question him without getting yourself killed or worse.”  Earlmire draws out a syringe from inside his pressure suit.  “Or, since we know where Devon has stashed his victim, in the medical center, then I could help you infiltrate wherever that is and you could carry out the rescue mission without needing to face Devon.”

“Infiltrate how?”

“I’d make you sick, of course.”  Earlmire waves the syringe in your face, letting some of the clear liquid drip from the tip of the needle.

“Lovely choices.”  You spit at him.  “You should have mentioned you were on a case.”

“I’m sure I mentioned it.  Perhaps I only mentioned it to myself.  Since you can’t leave now, you might as well help with the case.”

“Alright, I’ll…


C. …talk to this Devon person and interrogate him, Simera seems bent on taking me to this suspected killer anyway.”

D. …help with your secret rescue mission, go ahead and stab me with whatever is in that syringe.”


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